Land Rover Discovery Sport Rental

  • Silver Land Rover Discovery Sport for Rent
  • 4x4 Wheel Drive Land Rover Discovery Sport
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport Rear View
  • Land Rover Discovery Sport Central Console
  • 7 seater Land Rover Discovery Sport
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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine2 L Diesel
  • BHP245
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)9
  • Top speed180 km/h

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€275/Per Day
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Land Rover Discovery Sport hire

By Brittany Nue

Out there contending preconceived expectations is the Land Rover Discovery Sport, a mid size SUV, with all the brute force of a 4WD, a five seater with an additional 2 seat option and yet with the equivalent carbon foot printed of what you would expect from a standard 5 seat SUV. But then again this is just one of the many intriguing features of the Land Rover Discovery rental, that is most certainly worth getting to know.

Take for another example the extraordinary design that lends itself so well to everyday needs. The Discovery has a sleek and intelligently aerodynamic silhouette, that more than looking good, makes this sizable SUV highly nimble and dynamic. Along with the flexible interior, the Discovery becomes the ideal candidate for getting any type of commute done.

As an SUV that is intended to be the vehicle of choice no matter the task or the occasion, all of the technologies built into the 4WD have undergone testing in extremely gruelling conditions on a range of varying terrains, for over 18 months and in over 20 different environments around the world. For its technology, for its power or just for stately good looks hire the Land Rover Discovery Sport and enjoy the ride!

Europe Rental Locations

Hire a European Land Rover Discovery Sport in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, UK and Scotland, Portugal, UAE and more.

Range Rover info

The king of all off-road vehicles, Land Rover once advertised that 75% of all cars it has ever manufactured are still in use. Indeed, Land Rover drivers have been known to refer to other 4WD cars as “disposables”. The first model was built in 1948 and was inspired by the American Jeep. It was aimed at the luxury car market and was an instant worldwide success. In the 1970s the first Range Rover Classic was introduced, and has been re-defining the term “luxury 4x4-SUV” ever since. A Range Rover rental is the most comfortable way to get around in groups and during family vacations, and that may be the reason why no luxury car fleet is complete without one. When you rent a Range Rover you enjoy the utmost comfort when driving, along with a VIP status wherever you pull up. You can also hire a Range Rover or Land Rover for off-read adventure.
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