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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine5 L V8
  • BHP542
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)4.5
  • Top speed260 km/h

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Range Rover Sport SVR hire

By Ethan Hews

The new Range Rover Sport SVR features an awe-inspiring engine that is brilliant on and off the road. It offers 4 doors and seating for 4 people, ideal for a family fun adventure. The rumble of the V8 thrills the senses as you test your driving skills in a model that is capable of doing great things.

The Exterior

Sporting an SVR - Special Vehicle Racing - badge, the Range Rover Sport SVR offers a mean and imposing look from the outside. The SVR keeps in line with the latest trend – more carbon fibre. Range Rover has enhanced the sinister look with more exposed carbon fibre on the hood, front bumper and grille.
The exterior design is made for impact. Notice the clean and dynamic lines, the redesigned bonnet vents and the sporty wheels. Integrated exhaust finishers and wrap-around LED lights with optional sweeping Animated Directional Indicators complete the wow look.

The Interior

Slip behind the wheel of the Range Rover Sport SVR and you find yourself cocooned in luxury. The cabin is supremely comfortable and exceptionally functional.
The two-tone, body-clamping Semi-Aniline seats are clad in leather with elegant decorative stitching. Seats have personalised settings as well as heating and cooling functions. Create the mood you want with the Ambient Lighting System and adjust the temperature using the Four-Zone Automatic Climate Control System.
The dashboard maintains its minimalist look and many of the car’s systems are controlled using buttons mounted on the steering wheel. Blending into the dashboard is the InControl Touch Pro system which features satellite navigation, internet browsing and a 10GB storage facility.

The Drive

Being the most hardcore Range Rover for rental in the fleet, the SVR will turn onlookers green with envy. It is powered by a supercharged 5.0-litre petrol V8 that pushes 542 bhp to give an exhilarating drive. Highlight numbers include 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds and top speeds of 260 km/h.
Driver controls are enhanced by the All Wheel Drive (AWD) systems and unique, innovative All-Terrain Technologies. The new model sports changes to the damping hardware that have improved body-control, turn-in and mid-corner grip. Dynamic Stability Control reduces engine torque and applies appropriate braking to correct the vehicle's direction of travel.
For in-city driving, you have Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Parking Aids and Speed Limiter.
The Range Rover SVR is ready to take on any challenge. Experience the Low Traction Launch which provides optimum torque control when you move off from a standstill in slippery conditions like snow, wet grass and ice. The Twin-Speed Transfer Box lowers gears in challenging conditions such as steep inclines or declines, giving you precise speed and control. Need to navigate a tricky hill? Hill Descent Control assists by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel.
To get the thrill of this amazing SUV, leave the city limits and hit the open road. The roar of the engine is noisy and thrilling – just what you need to feel totally satisfied.

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Europe Rental Locations

Hire a European Range Rover Sport SVR in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, UK and Scotland, Portugal, UAE and more.

Range Rover info

The king of all off-road vehicles, Land Rover once advertised that 75% of all cars it has ever manufactured are still in use. Indeed, Land Rover drivers have been known to refer to other 4WD cars as “disposables”. The first model was built in 1948 and was inspired by the American Jeep. It was aimed at the luxury car market and was an instant worldwide success. In the 1970s the first Range Rover Classic was introduced, and has been re-defining the term “luxury 4x4-SUV” ever since. A Range Rover rental is the most comfortable way to get around in groups and during family vacations, and that may be the reason why no luxury car fleet is complete without one. When you rent a Range Rover you enjoy the utmost comfort when driving, along with a VIP status wherever you pull up. You can also hire a Range Rover or Land Rover for off-read adventure.
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