Ferrari California Turbo Rental

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine3.9 L V8
  • BHP560
  • 0-100 km3.6 sec
  • Top speed315 km/h

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Ferrari California Turbo info

In the perfect synthesis of innovation and technology take a ride in the Ferrari California T, this car simply brims with exciting features that will more than match your expectations. Characteristically Ferrari to its core, it offers unparalleled sportiness, versatility, elegance and exclusivity all at once, even for the most discerning driver, this car offers fun from behind the wheel without a single iota of compromise on its sumptuous luxury as a Grand Tourer.

Impressive in every detail, the California T’s engine is in a class of its own, as the 3855 V8 engine combines instantaneous response times with unbeatable performance. In a blistering production of torque the sound of the engine is intoxicating whilst unbeknowingly fuel efficient.

Punching out 560 CV and a maximum torque of 755 Nm in 7th gear, the California T has excellent fuel efficiency with an increased range of 20% from earlier models. Technicians involved in the development of the California have used F1 derived flat -plane crankshaft and twin scroll turbines that also help to improve on efficiency.

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