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Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine6.75 L V12
  • BHP608
  • 0-100 km/h (in seconds)5
  • Top speed250 km/h

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Rolls Royce Cullinan hire

By Brittany Nue

Do you demand to be at the cutting-edge of luxury? The Cullinan is the first full-size all-terrain luxury SUV produced by Rolls-Royce. This 4-door, 5-seater sets the standards for the heights of luxurious SUVs driving across the globe.
This is a must for a driver who understands effortless class, unparalleled comfort, thrilling speeds and the power of money.

The Exterior

The Cullinan is a car with monumental presence. It stands high above the ground and thrills the eye with a modular aluminium frame that forms part of the Rolls-Royce "Architecture of Luxury" platform. The imposing Parthenon grille is fashioned from hand-polished stainless steel.
On either side, laser headlights complete with frosted trims add to the warrior look.

The Cullinan has coach doors that are rear-hinged as opposed to the usual front-hinged doors. You cannot miss this “diamond” as it drives past – it was named after the Cullinan diamond discovered in South Africa, the largest ever at 3100 carats. Finishing the look is the Spirit of Ecstasy, standing proudly on the front bonnet.

The Interior

For those who demand everything and more, the Cullinan does not disappoint. The interior is ultra-lavish with versatile, elevated, hand stitched leather seating.
Sit back, relax, enjoy a massage and toast the drive with a drink from the Champagne cooler housed in the centre console. The sunroof opens to give the ambience of a top-down driving experience and a view of the skies above.
There is a glass partition between the rear seats and the luggage compartment to reduce noise and prevent a change in temperature when the boot is opened.

Want to stop and admire the view? At the press of a button, you have two luxurious seats and a cocktail table that rise up from the luggage compartment. Enjoy your private viewing deck!

The Drive

The Cullinan is powered by a 6.75 L twin turbo-charged V12 engine and an 8-speed 8HP automatic transmission. To speeds reach 250 km/h and acceleration is 0 to 100 km/s in 5 seconds. The drive is superbly refined, even when climbing rocky mountains or crossing rivers. With a double-wishbone set-up, a five-link rear axle and self-levelling air suspension you won’t spill a drop of your Moet & Chandon.
Try out the “Adventure” Mode which allows effortless driving in snow, mud, wet grass or on gravel. The 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering grips the road and doesn’t let go.

The Rolls-Royce SUV is amply loaded with Driver Assist and Safety Features including a 4-camera system with a panoramic and a helicopter view.

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Europe Rental Locations

Hire a European Rolls Royce Cullinan in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, UK and Scotland, Portugal, UAE and more.

Rolls-Royce info

A true luxury icon, renting a Rolls-Royce will set you miles apart from the crowd. A Rolls-Royce is instantly recognizable, and has become synonymous with success, excellence, aristocracy and prestige. You may want to rent a Rolls-Royce for the unique experience, or to make an unmistakable statement at a business meeting. A Rolls-Royce is also an extremely popular choice as a wedding car rental. Rolls-Royce first started manufacturing exceptional vehicles back in 1903, and has quickly become a cultural symbol and a household hallmark. Hire a Rolls-Royce with Europe Luxury Car Rental and you can take it anywhere in Europe.
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