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Luxury Car Rental Information - Europe Luxury Car Hire

About our company:

What is your special benefit over other Europe luxury car rental companies?

Europe Luxury Car Hire's goal is to provide more than a luxury vehicle. We deliver the special luxurious driving experience you are looking for. We understand that from the minute you contact us till the end of your holiday / business trip, you want to feel that you are in good hands. Our aim is that you will receive full attention to your needs with paying the maximum attention to small details that make a huge difference.

Have you other services except luxury Europe car rental?

We provide other complementary vip concierge services such as airport pick up, villa rental, yacht charter hire, vip protection service and more. We have a nice blend of these services in what we call “luxury packages”. Please review our VIP Concierge and Luxury Packages sections.

Can I request a call back? How can I contact you?

You can request a call back – just fill out the get a quote form and specify the hours you are available. You can contact us in general inquires through the same form for any other inquiries.

Do you have the option for long term car rental?



Areas of service:

What are your areas of service?

This is actually quite simple. When we mention we service a country, it means that we serve the entire country – including major and small cities in that country.

So, if I cannot find a city in the search box, can I still contact you?

Yes indeed. We service the entire country.

Have you a Europe one way car rental option?

Definitely yes. Feel free to rent a luxury car in any location and return it in a different place throughout Europe.

Are the luxury packages and VIP concierge services available anywhere?

Not anywhere. We have most of our services in all major cities in Europe, however, some services (like yacht charter...) are not available in all destinations. However, most of our services are Europe-wide.

About our luxury cars

What is a luxury car? What is the Prestige Car category?

The term “luxury car” has a wide definition. There are luxury cars in a specific country that will not be considered a luxury car in another. The term “exclusive cars”, “executive cars” varies from place to place according to their price, rareness (also because of import taxes from a specific country!) and other factors. Our Europe luxury cars do fit to the general definition of high quality luxury cars – high performance, comfort, safety and best equipment. Our Prestige Car Rental section comprises of a variety of cars that we consider them as prestige car for self-set parameters.

When and for what should I rent a luxury car?

If you are looking to boost your vacation, wedding & honeymoon, or take off to a special business meeting - our cars will do the job. Imagine yourself in Europe best cars you can view in our site, and you will find the answer.

Can I order a luxury car that is not listed on your site?

Yes. Not all the luxury car rentals we have are actually presented on the site. Feel free to contact us and inquire.

Can you explain more about the the rental prices listed in every car?

Our rental rates usually reflect low season car rental price of a specific car. In many conditions, e.g. high season, availability, specific location issues, the rental price can be different than what is listed on the site. The rental price is mainly to get a rough idea and for comparison. We highly recommend you contact us and ask us directly.

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