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Be driven to adventure

By Scott Jawns

The Europe Sports car rental spells out adventure. A timeless experience to travel the most beautiful scenic roads in Europe, in a sports car that is imbued with style, power and an effortless grace. Take a luxury European driving sportscar tour for a moment to transcend time.

Drive a Mercedes SLK Class in the Swiss Alps

Hire the Mercedes Benz SLK class to drive through the Susten Pass, a high mountain pass of the Swiss Alps. This 2 seater elegant sports car will satisfy any desire for the open road. Featuring a retractable steel roof that fits into a small compact area at the rear, come rain or shine, this car makes an ideal grand tourer. The Susten Pass which connects Innertkirchen with Wassen in a northern arch of road, offers spectacular views of the Stein Glacier.

Scenic Drive on the mountain highways

Audi S5 cabriolet rental is the perfect mix of high tech features found in an executive car with a high end performance supercar. Despite her elegant attraction, this car is composed of serious power. Accelerate the Audi S5 through the mountain highways of Grimsel Pass. Located in the Swiss Alps, the pass ascends through canyons of wild beauty in a mountain region marked by granite stones and reservoir lakes.

Drive a Maserati GT or Cabrio in Italy

Rent the Maserati GranTurismo and test drive this beauty with car racing genes. Like all great Italian things it may be grand, if not ostentatious, but it is also an ultimately powerful and sporty grand tourer. Hire the GranCabrio for a grand tour of Stelvio Pass, one of the highest mountain treks in Italy and arguably the most scenic route of all the Alpine passes.

A scenic tour of Europe has adrenalin, speed, twists and turns. Rent a European sports car and let the moment drive you.

Freedom and Speed 

Sports cars are commonly defined as low-built, fast vehicles that display outstanding handling abilities and impeccable mechanical performance. Since their first arrival back in the early 20th century, sports cars have taken on many forms, shapes and sizes. Renting a sportscar gives you ultimate freedom and speed, along with the comfort and style that you desire when traveling. Hire a sportscar during your next vacation, and you are guaranteed to leave a long-lasting impression on your friends and travel\business companions. When you rent a sports car you'll turn heads and feel like a VIP wherever you go, but you will also cherish the memories forever.

Frequent Questions

Where can I rent a sports car in Europe?

Rent a Sports Car Europe Service is designed to deliver a luxurious sports car to you anywhere in Europe that you choose. Planning on a vacation on the Italian Riviera? We will deliver the car to your boutique hotel or meet you at the airport. Exploring the Rhine Valley in Germany? Our driver can meet you at the airport, at your villa or any other venue that suits you best. We have elite cars for you in every country and every city in Europe.

How much to rent a sports car in Europe?

Our exclusive collection of sports cars in Europe range from a classic model under 200 Euros per day to a splash-out sporty coupe over 10000 Euros per day. You choose what suits your lifestyle.

Let us recommend two models in the prestigious Mercedes range.
The reasonably priced BMW 2 Series costs around 180 Euros per day. This compact car is extremely well engineered and offers easy to use controls for a relaxing drive. For two couples, we recommend the elegant BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe at a cost of around 295 Euros per day.

In the Audi collection, we offer the magnificent Audi S5 at a very affordable price of 285 Euros per day. Book the powerful and spacious Porsche Cayenne Turbo, it costs around 430 Euros per day. The kids will be thrilled to be driven around in a Porsche!

If you are a car enthusiast and have not yet experienced Maserati, we suggest the awesome Maserati GranTurismo. This 2-door, 4-seater will burn up the tar on the roads of Italy or Germany. Its daily cost is around 650 Euros.

For an exceptional wow-factor, nothing beats Ferrari. Experience the Ferrari 458 Italia at a cost of around 950 Euros per day.


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