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By Scott Jawns
Rent an SUV in Europe to discover this contents most remote and secluded locations. Our European range of 4x4 rentals have all the brute force necessary to climb over tough terrains and extreme altitudes. Doing so, whilst offering its passengers all the finest in state-of-the-art luxury features. An off road adventure doesn’t have to mean a compromise in your comfort.

The best ride aboard a Mercedes E class

The birthplace of European culture is found within ancient Greece, known for its pantheon of  gods for power and strength. Relive the glory of Zeus, Artemis and Hermes and hire the Mercedes-Benz E class Wagon in Rome. Travel towards Campo Imperatore, on the Gran Sasso mountain, as this remote location offers some of the best european pistes for cross-country skiing.
The Mercedes E class has four wheel drive capability, driver focused in its orientation, it promises to deliver and enjoyable ride to all its passengers.

Rent a Jeep or BMW X6

The Jeep Wrangler and the BMW X6 both offer an exhilarating drive to discover the best of the Alpine Ranges that crosses over France, Italy and Switzerland. Rent an SUV from Geneva and cover the kilometers that lead to Chamonix, one of the most prestigious and luxurious ski resorts.
The BMW, although possessing all the unbridled enthusiasm for an off road adventure still looks so good coasting between the skyscrapers of Europe’s metropolitan cities of Munich or Barcelona.
Come rural or urban, sunshine or snow, an SUV rental in Europe trails excitement and adventure in its path.



Frequent Questions

Where can I rent a 4x4 in Europe?

With our exclusive Car Rental 4x4 Europe Service it is super easy to rent the wheels you want. Our professional driver will deliver the car to any location you choose. We can arrange to meet you at an airport, a seaport or railway terminal. We can find you at your boutique hotel or luxury seaside villa. If you are at the end of a business trip and ready to take a few days break and explore the countryside, we can deliver the car to the convention centre. You tell us what is best for you.

What is the cost to rent a 4x4 in Europe for a day?

At under 300 Euros per day, we recommend the Mercedes GLE at a daily cost of around 295 Euros. This agile and adventurous SUV is ideal for a family trip. For something special, drive the Jaguar F-Pace. It costs around 350 Euros per day and offers powerful looks and a superb driving style.
We also suggest the Maserati Levante at around 380 Euros per day. This luxurious front-engine SUV offers awesome safety features.
If you enjoy the sophistication of German engineering, drive the BMW X6 at around 330 Euros per day. It will steal the show on the roads of Europe. For a superior drive, rent the state-of-the-art Mercedes G63 AMG at a daily cost of around 600 Euros. It is designed to inspire as it tackles those breath-taking mountain passes.
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