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The Tesla electric vehicles are creating waves around the globe. As an energy-saving, eco-friendly option, more and more drivers are aspiring to a car that saves the planet. Founded by Elon Musk in America, the Tesla brand offers clean cars that have style, speed and charm. They are fun to drive around the city and can handle a long trip too.

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Europe Tesla Rentals

Tesla Model 3

Vehicle Specifications

  • EngineElectric
  • BHP0
  • 0-100 km3.5 sec
  • Top speed209 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Tesla Model S

Vehicle Specifications

  • Engine85kwh
  • BHP691
  • 0-100 km3.2 sec
  • Top speed249 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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Tesla Model X

Vehicle Specifications

  • EngineElectric
  • BHP0
  • 0-100 km2.6 sec
  • Top speed210 km/h

Guaranteed modelupon booking

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We have the Tesla 3, Tesla X and Tesla S in our fleet, available for your business or pleasure trip. Our Meet and Greet team will find you at any location that fits in with your travel itinerary. Whether you are in Germany, Switzerland or Italy, we provide exceptional service and peace of mind.

Experience the Tesla Model S

Is this a conventional car? It looks like one, but under the bonnet, it is anything but. Originally launched in 2012, the Tesla S is known as a cutting-edge EV model. This 4-door 5-seater sedan offers a comfortable and thrilling drive in Stuttgart. It features 2 electric motors that draw power from either a 75 kWh or 100k Wh battery pack and a single-speed transmission. The car runs for round 300 km before requiring charging up. You may have to wrap your head around this – but it is a cool experience and you are saving the planet too. Inside, the cabin is well-fitted and  comfortable with a large 17-inch touchscreen that handles all the functions you need. Leather and textured wood make this model compete with any petrol-driven car in its class.

Choose a Tesla Model X for a family trip

The Tesla X is awesome fun with attention-grabbing Falcon doors that open in a mere 11 inches of space, to avoid pillars and other obstacles. This SUV-type electric car is a 4-wheel drive and seats 7 people. It is also eco-friendly and gives you a real feel-good vibe knowing that you are reducing pollution as you travel around Barcelona. It is powered by twin electric motors that draw power from a 100kWh battery. On one charge you can travel 480 km. This is a silent drive – no gear changes and no engine vibration, a unique experience! It offers massive speeds of 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds. Turn on the self-drive facility and enjoy the most relaxed drive you will ever have.

Save the planet – drive a Tesla Model 3

Choose a 4-door, 5-seater electric Tesla 3 for your road trip in Switzerland. The drive is amazing and you get a good feeling knowing that you are reducing fossil fuels on the roads. This stylish sedan is totally silent and gains speed smoothly, moving from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.5 seconds, and reaching top speeds of 209 km/h. The steering has 3 different settings to adjust the level of steering effort. There is no gear changing, it has a single gear ratio, simply wave your card to start the motor and set off. The entry-level model is a rear-wheel drive and offers a drive-range of 418km between plug-ins. The dual-model is an all-wheel drive that can do 500km between plug-ins.

Rent a Tesla in these iconic venues


Take delivery of your Tesla X, load up the family and set off to explore Barcelona. The architecture of Barcelona is a reason to visit this vibrant city. Most recognisable is the famous Casa Milà or La Pedrera, the stone quarry. Completed around 1912, Casa Milà is the hub of arts and culture. See the majestic curvaceous shape that defines the skyline. Take a guided tour to learn more. After feasting your eyes, drive to the Restaurant Montiel for lunch. Enjoy the tasting menu, where each course is introduced by your waiter and paired with a local wine.

Mosaics were brought to Barcelona by the Romans and have become a definitive part of the city. Mosaic creations decorate entire walls, pillars, floors ceilings of museums and churches. Visit the Palau de la Musica Catalana to see mosaics of singing choirs. See the magnificent Basilica La Sagrada Familia with towering spires covered in mosaic. Drive to the Park Güell and be awed by the walkways, buildings, fountains and stone animals, all covered in mosaic.

Enjoy a drive in your Tesla to the mountain of Collserola, where you can go up to the top of the famous 288m high Collserola Tower and see breathtaking 360-degree views of the city and countryside.


Collect your Tesla S in Stuttgart and discover the breathtaking Black Forest. The stunning scenic trip will awe you with its beauty. Relax and take in the picture-perfect scenery of the massive Lake Schluchsee and the lush green hills and dark woods of the Black Forest. Stop in the quaint town of Titisee-Neustadt. It is famous for handmade cuckoo clocks. Drive to the prestigious clock producer, Drubba, and learn how these traditional clocks are made in the age-old tradition.

Enjoy a slice of legendary Black Forest Gateau, Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, at a local café. This scrumptious delight is a chocolate cake, layered with brandy soaked cherries, whipped cream and smothered in cherry brandy. After this treat, relax in a jacuzzi at the Badeparadies Schwarzwald. Spend the night in Freiburg and enjoy dinner at the famous Restaurant Kartoffelhaus, known for sensational potato dishes. Potatoes are sourced from regional farmers - try the oven-fried potatoes served with a selection of delectable dips.

We also rent the Tesla range in Madrid, Stuttgart, Munich, Geneva and Switzerland.

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Top Gear

When the legendary motor show dedicated a special to the south of Spain, they relied on Europe Luxury Cars to supply some of the most prestigious vehicles the region has to offer. The special was aptly titled Supercars in Spain (Series 20, Episode 3) where Jeremy, James and Richard each did their best to make these supercars shine.

The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen’s film may well be classified as a satirical comedy, but if there is one thing that the fictitious dictator Gen. Aladeen takes very seriously, it’s his outrageous fleet of luxury cars. Our team at Europe Luxury Cars is proud to have been a key supplier of high-end (and sometimes over-the-top) cars for all scenes filmed in Europe.