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See the Elbphilarmonie under construction

By Ethan Hews

The Elbphilharmonie, a futuristic building still under construction in Hamburg, offers a fabulous day trip.

Business or pleasure, make an impact. Our 7-speed exclusive Mercedes E400 HYBRID Sedan, offers automatic luxury, trailblazing technology and sublime comfort. For a luxurious midsize SUV, drive our Mercedes ML400 SUV. Swaddled with leather on the inside and power under the bonnet, this makes a perfect drive in a stylish city.

Hamburg's new concert hall is a futuristic venue, poised to be as iconic as the Sydney Opera House. It will offer the best acoustics in the world. With a dramatic location on the banks of the Elbe River, it looks like an enormous majestic ship gliding on the water. The translucent glass façade is seen for miles around and demands some pictures. Take a guided tour and see the inner workings under construction, currently running at a cost of over 800 million Euro. If you are brave, take the plunge and reserve yourself an exclusive apartment for the years to come.

Allow our Meet and Greet Service at Hamburg Airport (HAM) to hand you the keys to a premium car. Hire a Mercedes in Hamburg, our mission is to delight.

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