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Intimately acquainting yourself with a Mercedes

By Scott Jawns

The quickest way to get to know a woman is to go shopping with her. Hire a Mercedes-Benz in Frankfurt, as it is arguably the only car with all the sufficient high class prestigious that matches the glamour of the occasion of shopping in Frankfurt.

The Mercedes SL class is brimming with innovative technology that does well to enhance every journey undertaken in this prestigious car. Available in both the SL cabriolet or the SL roadster, this car necessitates the long open road, to really appreciate its full glory.

Hire the Mercedes S class saloon or coupé. light and aerodynamic, it offers a rare and exceptional blend of power and efficiency. Get through any crowded inner city street of Frankfurt with an effortless glide.

Make the famous and expensive shopping mile of Zeil your first port of call. Located in the heart of Frankfurt’s business center, this district has one of the highest turnovers in Europe, where anything you could ever wish for is available for sale. For those pursuing a rare and treasured find, shop along Goethestraße, it is Frankfurt’s answer to New York’s glamorous ‘Fifth Avenue’. Designer fashions and Jewelry houses are all touting their exclusive wares, to the appeal and satisfaction of anyone with discerning and expensive tastes.

Rent a Mercedes in Frankfurt and let the acquaintance build on its own velocity.

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