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Take a trip to Lubeck

By Ethan Hews

Discover history and culture in Lübeck, it is a Unesco heritage site with stunning venues. Take a lazy one hour drive in your Luxury Van after collecting it in Hamburg.

Pack up the family and head northeast to Lübeck. Drive through the small town of Ahrensburg and stop for a look around. Visit the Schloss Ahrensburg, the town's symbol, a Renaissance castle dating from 1595. See the ruins of the Arnesvelde castle, built around 1200, which are visible in the beautiful Hagen forest to the south of the town.

Stop for a moment at the small Jewish Cemetery at the edge of the town. Continue to Lübeck. When you arrive head for the magnificent St. Mary's Church, Marienkirche, a fine Gothic building in the centre of the Altstadt. Visit the massive two towered gate, the Holstentor and the Burgtor Gate, both offer fabulous museums.

Learn about the famous Lübecker Marzipan. It is available in several varieties. Try some from the excellent Cafe Niederegger. It also offers a museum dedicated to the manufacture of Marzipan as well as many Marzipan sculptures. If you are still hungry stop for lunch at the Michelin starred Wullenwever.

After lunch, stroll down the Fleischhauerstrasse and the Hüxstrasse, Lübeck's iconic shopping streets. You will find local artists painting their interpretation of the Holstentor, which makes for a fabulous souvenir to take home. Then park your Luxury Van for all to admire and hop into a tourist boat to see the cityscape from the water.

End your day at a café in the charming Altstadt where you can chat to the locals and watch the sun set.

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