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By Ethan Hews

When in Rome, spend time at the Vatican City, it will awe with art, culture and history.

Jaguar rental in Rome has the dream car you are waiting for. For unparalleled elegance, style and a desire to impress, our Jaguar XJ four seater sports saloon is ideal for larger groups without compromising on comfort or driving delight. Alternatively, experience our Jaguar XF, also offering 4 four seats, it simply radiates confidence with its contemporary beauty.

This iconic state, the smallest in the world, is filled with an abundance of priceless art, fascinating history and religious passion. The population numbers about one thousand and is made up of priests, nuns, guards and the Pope himself, but the masses of people who visit exceed millions annually.

Start off by viewing the colourful Swiss Guards dressed up like renaissance-style soldiers. Then head off to the Vatican Museums and the famous Michelangelo-decorated Sistine Chapel. Explore the massive rooms featuring Egyptian mummies, Etruscan bronzes, Renaissance canvases and classical sculptures. Climb to the top of the dome in St. Peter's Basilica, the scale of this awe-inspiring structure will take time to absorb. Be awed by Michaelangelo's Pietà, a stunning sculpture of Madonna holding her lost son. Venture down into the Vatican Grottoes where you view the papal tombs. Then wander around in St Peter’s Square and soak up the atmosphere. Restore your energy with some pizza al taglio and a drink at the nearby Pizzarium.

Flaunt your driving skills and ability behind the wheel, rent a Jaguar in Rome.

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