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Discover Turin aboard a Jaguar

By Nicole Harris

Turin is an aristocratic Italian city filled with enchanting ancient and modern venues. Visit in an exclusive Jaguar.

Don't let holiday transport be any reason for stress, Jaguar rental in Turin is undeniably the perfect way to travel.

If Jaguar is your calling, rent our premium Jaguar F-Type for your trip. This bold and commanding 2-door sports car will appeal to those who love a show-off factor, super speed, cutting-edge technology and all-embracing comfort. Alternatively, arrange for a Jaguar XKR and enjoy the thrill of driving a formidable coupé or convertible model.

This age-old city in the north west offers a stunning array of sights set on the River Po. Start at the Piazza Castello, this lovely square is a pedestrian area filled with benches and quaint fountains, surrounded by imposing, beautiful, buildings. Visit the Mole Antonelliana, the 167m tower that appears on the two cent coin and take the lift to the the top to see fabulous city views. Then visit the Turin Cathedral and you may be lucky to see the iconic Shroud of Turin which is put on display from time to time.

Stroll around in Il Quadrilatero, a fascinating maze of small streets filled with markets and splendid churches. Lovers of Egyptian history must visit the iconic Museo Egizio, one of the best in the world. Then settle down Italian style at a coffee house and order a bicerin, a local layered drink made with coffee, chocolate and cream.

Showcase your versatile and vivacious style, rent a Jaguar in Turin for a great self-drive holiday.

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