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Visit Tivoli and Hadrian’s village

By Ethan Hews

A perfect day trip from Rome to Tivoli takes you through the lovely countryside of Lazio. Head eastwards on a relaxed drive in your Luxury Van Rental.

Comfort, Safety and Space

For a family trip or with a group of close friends, enjoy the most comfortable drive aboard a Mercedes V-Class or a Mercedes Vito. Ideal for eight or nine adults, a Mercedes MPV is one of the best rental options in terms of superior comfort, safety and performance. The generous and refined interior and the very comfortable seats with massage functions will ravish your passengers.

Drive your rented Mercedes V-Clas from Rome to Tivoli via the A24. Tivoli offers the famous Villa d'Este, a Unesco World Heritage Site that cannot be missed. The magnificent terraced gardens will take your breath away. Built between 1550 and 1572 by Cardinal d'Este, a series of large and small fountains rely on natural water pressure and create a magnificent sight to behold. The water comes from the River Aniene, which was partly diverted to flow through the town.

Visit the lovely Villa Adriana, a country retreat of the Emperor Hadrian. Follow the audio guide to learn about the history of this beautiful venue. Relax in the Parco Villa Gregoriana, on the River Aniene, it also features the ruins of an ancient Roman temple and villa. You can stroll along the meandering paths that wind their way through the woodland and enjoy striking views of the waterfalls engineered by Pope Gregory XVI.

Hadrian's Villa

After lunch at the Ristorante Sibilla Di La Mura Luigia, set off to the astounding Hadrian's Villa. It was constructed as a get-away from Rome for the Emperor Hadrian during the 2nd century AD. The complex has over 30 buildings, covering an area of almost 1km square and much of it still remains unexcavated. The villa is a magnificent example of great Roman architecture and offers an Alexandrian garden, massive palaces, a theatre, stunning temples, libraries, state rooms and quarters for slaves.

Head back to Rome for a night at the Boscolo Exedra Roma, a luxurious hotel set in a 19th century palace.

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