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By Scott Jawns

The age-old tradition of making bobbin lace still survives to this day in Portofino. Rent a Jaguar in Portofino and explore the streets to find the makers of this beautiful craft. Search under the arches and in the small quaint stores. From young girls to old women, you will find them sitting under the ancient arches in front of their three-legged stands and working at high speed, bobbins flying over the pillows creating the most intricate and magnificent lace creations. Seek out the display of finished items that drape window sills, old bridge railings and lamp posts. Bargain and buy a souvenir to take home! It will become a keepsake to be passed from generation to generation.

Join the movers and shakers in Portofino when you drive our Jaguar XF. Ideal for a family, it offers 4-doors and a commanding performance that will thrill driver and passengers. Equally as exciting to drive is our exclusive Jaguar F-Type. This two-seater sports car brings the essence of the Jaguar brand into your hands. Round off your luxury holiday with the perfect set of wheels.

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