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By Ethan Hews

Europe’s variety and depth makes it an endlessly fascinating place to travel, an epic patchwork of experiences, traditions, multifaceted histories, culinary delights, art and culture. Hire a luxury Ford in Europe for your next travel adventure there.

From the majestic Water Gardens of Sunspear to the grand palace of the Martell’s, take a ‘Game of Thrones’ tour of Spain from behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang, featuring a 5.2L V8 with Flat Plane Crank the Mustang drives to the heart of adventure. From season five of the Game of Thrones replay some of your favourite scenes amongst the backdrop in which they occurred.

Drive to Seville in the world’s most popular Ford Mustang GTS350R and take in the many scenic delights of its countryside, taste the cool sweetness of a sangria perfectly made from fresh local ingredients. Reawaken a sense of history as you roam the site of an epic battle scene filmed in the bullring of Osuna.

Hire the Ford Expedition built with a 3.5L Ecoboost V6 engine, this car is as robust and reliable as it’s design is sleek and luxurious. See the crown jewels of Central Spain and Andalusia and feel like nothing less than royalty. Locations include Madrid, Seville, Osuna, Ronda, Granada, so download the series and get a thorough education now. Trust me, it will be an investment in your vacation before you go!

A luxurious Ford hire in Spain allows you to travel in the shadows of your favourite cast whilst you take in all of Spain’s most exotic pleasures. This is certainly a journey not to be missed.

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