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Copyright: Jerocflores

Europe’s Top Secret Beaches

Apr 28, 2016

Going to the beach should be all about the serenity, soaking up the sunshine, relishing the expanse of clear blue skies and relaxing, letting time just wash by. The problem is when it’s not all these things, but rather filled with throngs of crowds, where there is too much noise and not enough space. When summer arrives don’t compromise on your beach getaway, here is our list of Europe’s most secretive, and not coincidentally most beautiful beaches. To ensure that your visit to the sea side continues to be as serene and relaxing as it should be.

Pyla-sur-Mer, France

In just a quick sprint across the bay away from the buzzing crowds at the ever popular beach resort town of Cap Ferret is Pyla-sur-Mer. A relatively hardly known but equally beautiful destination for both beach lovers and avid naturists alike who do their best to explore the 350 foot sand dune. Hire your luxury summertime convertible in Bordeaux and drive west towards the coast, you may want to take in some of the atmosphere in trendy Cap Ferrat before following around the curvature of the bay that leads to Pyla Sur Mer. Book your accommodation lodgings at La Co(o)rniche as almost all the tastefully decorated white-on-white rooms have stunning views that look out onto the ocean. On any typical summer night, you’ll find a friendly crowd outside on the hotel’s breezy restaurant terrace banqueting on seafood dishes such as cod in a coconut and lime emulsion or scallops with glazed beets. For those seeking a buzz, the bar can whip together enticing cocktails of Catalan inspired tapas and mango mojitos.

The sand dunes of Pyla sur Mer | Alberto Loyo / Shutterstock

Capo Sant’Andrea, Elba, Italy

Off Italy’s Tuscan coast is the stunning Mediterranean island of Elba where the translucent cobalt blue seas crash against magnificent granite magma cliffs. The not-too-unfortunate Napoleon was exiled here, but proof that some people can just never be kept happy he escaped leaving behind his grand Villa dei Mulini. We recommend plotting your own escape to this beautiful island with a luxury convertible car rental that can be picked up in Florence, driven along the romantic Tuscan countryside to the old fishing village of Piombino. A ferry is available to transport you over to the principal town of Portoferraio where you can enjoy picturesque and uninterrupted views of the Italian coast along the Tyrrhenian Sea. On the island set off to Cap Sant’Andrea locally known as piccola isola nell’isola, meaning ‘little island within the island’ and explore the remarkable remains of Roman shipwrecks that are now housed in a museum. Just as Napoleon kept a comfortable standard of living in his escape, so should you with a booking at Hotel Ilio. Guests can choose their preference of accommodation be it, Mediterranean, Tuscan, Contemporary or Essential.

The translucent cobalt blue seas of Elba | Luciano Mortula/Shutterstock

Mónsul beach, Spain

Nothing short of entirely fascinating Monsul beach located in the Cabo de Gata National Park in southern Spain offers its adventurous guests the chance to discover enormous sand dunes and volcanic rock that have formed over the course of centuries into the surrounding landscape. Arrive in Malaga and hire the Mercedes E class convertible or a BMW M series convertible for a drive eastward along the Alboran Sea. A walk through the sand dunes feels like entering a sculpture park, albeit on top of sand, rather than cement and amidst bikini clad beach goers, but they are just as spectacular in their formations.  The grand and intimidating cliff side sits undulating along the coastline and as you travel along they vary remarkably in their colour turning from mustard to mauve, orange, ochre, rust, black, grey and white. This is the result of each being a vestige from separate volcanic eruptions over the course of millennia. For the chance to satiate an appetite with a few paellas and a glass of red Cava, wine and dine at La Palma where you can enjoy a romantic evening out on the restaurant's terrace.

The seclusion to be found on Mónsul beach | Jerocflores/Shutterstock

Calabria, Italy

Located in the toe of Italy’s boot, Calabria is an untapped corner of seaside beauty. While the wider Calabria region has for a long time been regarded as Europe’s Caribbean due to its stunning landscape, pristine beaches and the charming rustic character of its villages, it never made its way on to the tourist trail because it has always been one of Italy’s poorest regions and plagued with criminal activity. Finally recovering after years of being under mafia mayhem, guests are now welcome to enjoy the area’s unspoiled beauty and authentic culture and cuisine. Yet in light of this less than honorable past, hire a red Ferrari convertible drive south from Positano to Calabria rousing every sense of mafia type drama. The sea side of Badolato is regarded as one of the 1000 wonders of Italy for its captivating medieval village that sits picturesquely on one of the world’s most stunning beaches. Enjoy traditional Calabrian cuisine with a visit to Terraze who have finessed the art of preparing an authentic paella.

An untapped corner of seaside beauty | mRGB /

With these picturesque and secluded beach resorts you’re guaranteed the summer vacation that you have found yourself fantasizing about. But for yet more summer vacation ideas to enjoy with your luxury car rental stay tuned to Luxuria Magazine. 

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