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Courtesy of Range Rover
Courtesy of Range Rover

A Mind Escapes to a Sunburnt Country

Sep 20, 2015

I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel-sea,

Her beauty and her terror -

The wide brown land for me!

Dorothea Mackellar 1904


Australia has come a long way since its earliest exploration by Burke and Wills, who crossed the wide open sunburnt country that lies down under. Australia is home to sweeping plains of the most raw, rugged and painfully beautiful vistas of nature and wildlife. From lush rainforests, a kaleidoscope of underwater coral reefs, humbling expanses of desert and sacred rock formations, Australia is a story that is in equal measure stunning, and yet most terrifying.  This is the wide expanse that more than anywhere else warrants to be explored.

Freedom Like No Other

Unlike Australia’s early pioneers, exploration can now be enjoyed from the comfort and unabashed style that comes with driving a luxury car. Across the world’s biggest island, highways extend for kilometers seemingly endless, often for long stretches without other cars in sight. The pure veracity of space gives motorists the rare opportunity to push pedal to the metal, as they claim the road as their own. Fast and formidable, there is no better way to pursue the star lit southern cross than with a supercar that’s destined to achieve great things.

An online booking in many cases is all it takes to get behind the wheel of a striking Ferrari California, a highly sophisticated Jaguar F type convertible or a furious Lamborghini Aventador LP-700. A passion for fast luxury cars is alive and thriving in the Antipodes as much as in the boulevards of Marbella or by the gold gilded vacation temples of Abu Dhabi. With the great demand, the supply comes with all the trimmings. Request to have your prestige car rental with chauffeur service, allowing you the opportunity to just sit back and enjoy the comfort and luxury of the ride, with a crystal champagne flute in hand. Yet, a self drive is also available for those who want to hit the highway fueled by their adrenalin.

Victoria - On the Move

Robert, one of the managers at Unique Car Rentals in the State of Victoria tells me “It truly is a pleasure to come to work each day which is something that can't be said by most people. Overall there are very little hassles with a business like this provided you look after you customer, they will look after you”.  A normal day’s work for Robert is likely to involve driving a Lamborghini in the morning, a Ferrari in the afternoon and an Aston Martin by evening. Whilst this daily grind never gets tiring, there is no concept of a 9-5 work day either, as customer’s requests often go around the clock.

If you’re planning to drop down south into Victoria, the best scenic routes recommended include a drive along the cliffside precipice of the Great Ocean Road. Across the entire 243km, this drive offers spectacular views of waves coming in from the Bass Strait and Southern Ocean that swell and crash onto the rocks and beaches below. Recommended as a romantic overnight or weekend getaway, the nearby towns are exceptionally lovely. Book a bed and breakfast in either Lorne, Apollo Bay or Port Campbell and take the time to enjoy all the surrounding charm.

One of the highlights for new customers is their Supercar Drive Day. A group drive coordinated by Robert and his team at Unique Car Rentals, they takes participants through the scenic and twisty turns of the Yarra Valley and Mt Dandenong. The entire drive is experienced as part of a luxury package and the cars selected generally include a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and many more. Participants also get the chance to stop throughout the day at a beautiful local cafe and a high end winery for a 3 course lunch.

Time Transcends in South Australia

Filled with effervescent wilderness, South Australia forms Australia’s southern coastline. Time stands still along the length of sheer cliffs that form the Great Australian Bight, moving inland brings you to the awe inspiring expanse of the Nullarbor Plain and beyond that the vast, inhospitable Outback desert. The calm and tranquil city of Adelaide is in close proximity to the vineyards of the Barossa Valley, the wooded Adelaide Hills and the Stunning Fleurieu Peninsula.

Amidst raw and stunning surrounds Phil has the pleasure of managing Adelaide Hills Touring, a small, family owned company that offers luxury car driving experiences. With a stable that includes a couple of Porsche Boxsters, an Audi TT Quattro, a V6 Alfa Spyder, a BMW Z3 and the ever-popular Mazda MX-5, his selection is certainly enticing. Phil, who in an earlier lifetime practiced law for majour corporations, selected a change of pace in a decision to pursue his love for prestige cars.

For Phil the most satisfying aspect of the job has been client’s recounts of relaxed and memorable experiences. Clients have taken trips through the Adelaide Hills, the Southern Vales and Barossa wine areas. Trails cross through beaches, lakes and alongside the mighty River Murray. For all accompanying partners or passengers, Phil assures that it’s not just about the car, the drive takes you through a fantastic foray of quaint cafes, restaurants, wineries and farmers markets, not to mention the scenic sights all along the way. A particular highlight for Phil was renting a convertible sports car to two young ladies from Malaysia, dressed in hijabs and shorter than the low riding car itself. Phil recounts that it was his wife who first met face to face with the women, who looked nervous at the prospect of driving a sportscar, his wife admittedly wondered whether they would be able to reach the accelerator and brakes whilst getting a clear view of the road. But then there were two of them, maybe they were good at splitting a task?? All’s well that ends well, the young ladies trip was a huge success and the car was returned in perfect shape.

Love her Far horizons, Love her Jewel-Sea

With only weeks of summer left, the great thing about Australia is that you can start your summer vacation all over again come December. Whether your drive will take you through brown dusted mountain ranges, past white sanded beaches and emerald blue seas or ferntree green covered rainforests, hire that perfect supercar, with all the power and speed to pursue an endless horizon.

Sited Rental Companies

Unique Car Rentals: A luxury car rental service based in Melbourne, Unique Car Rentals pride themselves on their high level of customer service which is reflected in their continuously positive review on Social media and Trip Advisor.

Adelaide Hills Touring: A family owned and run company offering a unique experience in the beautiful Adelaide Hills and surrounds. They have a wonderful collection of convertible sports cars available for self drive rental.

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