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A War on Pragmatism: Munich’s Vibrant Art Scene

Mar 01, 2016

Germany may well be universally acknowledged as a nation where proprietary, efficiency and pragmatism rule the day. In this light, Munich can often appear as a solitary outpost of chaotic creativity.  In the case where “imagination is the only weapon we have in the war against the hum-drum of reality”, I’m glad to report this battle front is alive and well in the city of Munich. Munich abounds in almost countless venues where you can easily combat any sense of the expected and predictable. From international modern art to the traditional classics, there are venues waging this war with every colour, shape and form that they have at their disposal. For the ocassion our chariot of choice was a BMW hire in Munich, that proved to be the perfect means of traversing the city.

The Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich's Museum of Modern Art.

Arguably, Munich’s most dramatic battle front is the Pinakothek der Moderne or the Museum of Modern Art. This veritable fortress of modern art houses a mind-sweeping collection of 20th century masterpieces that includes paintings, photographs, sculptures and films by some of the world’s most prominent modern artists such as Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Many of the abstract portrayals of time, place and meaning effectively suspend the mind in thought through wild representations of the reality that we think we know. The large contemporary building itself could indeed represent a fortress, as while it is made of aluminium and steel it is also at the very edge of modern design.

Details: Barerstrasse 40, Munich, Tel: 089 23805360


The Bavarian National Museum, a Mecca of the art world

No artistic tour of Munich would be complete without a visit to the Bavarian National Museum. This Mecca of the art world is essential to understanding the artistic traditions, not just of Munich, but all of Europe. A walk through its beautiful and ornate Rococo corridors will take you past a wide variety of antiquities, sculptures, religious artifacts, tapestries, weapons, ceramics, blown glass and musical instruments, amidst many more rich historic artifacts. Housed in a grand building of Baroque architecture, this museum offers more than just a glimpse of a world long gone.

Details: Prinzregentenstrasse 3, Lehel, Munich, Tel: 089 2112401


"Aegyptisches Museum"  the Egyptian Art Museum

Intriguing and utterly engaging travel back 3,000 years when you visit the Aegyptisches Museum (or the Egyptian Art Museum). Endlessly captivating, the permanent exhibit offers the largest collection in the world, outside of Cairo, of ancient Egyptian antiquities. Visitors are able to gaze upon the variety of astonishingly preserved statues, sculptures, cultural tools. Yet it is the symbolism of these ancient relics as they represent a seamless and total immersion of reality into the supernatural that makes it truly fascinating.

Details: Hofgartenstrasse 1, Munich, Tel: 089 298546

Yet because a creative mind is seldom a satisfied mind, there are many art festivals and events that colour Munich’s calendar year. These events always offer something new and innovative with a sense of genius creativity.

 Art for the 21st Century

The “Stroke Art Fair: Art for the 21st Century” is a must event, as it has a wonderful international flavour with a hazardous array of styles and genres. Occurring annually in the autumn season its locations are spread throughout Munich. At each of the venues an array of interdisciplinary art work is showcased by both the established moguls of the art world, alongside up and coming innovators. While Stroke is an international organization that hosts art fairs throughout the world, the event in Munich has a great vibe and is not to be missed.

The summer time brings on Domagk Days at DomagkAteliers studios located in the north of Munich. This location marks the breeding grounds for young creative artists who use the space to develop and hone their art skills. Over the course of the summer, the Domagk Days gives more than 130 emerging artists the chance to present their eclectic array of work within a supportive programme. Certainly worth going to get a sense of the fresh, new vibes in the industry.

Details: Domagkstrasse 33, Munich, Tel: 089 32186814

Munich is riddled with art galleries that in their great variety appeal to every sense of style and genre. Whether you are visiting Munich for just a “look-see” or to buy an investment, they are most certainly worth a visit. Almost all these galleries have websites where we strongly recommend you check their opening hours or if they will be hosting any special events. Whilst much of the content is in German, the pictures presented will provide a good indication as to whether their style interests you. Waste no haste, as Munich’s vibrant gallery scene is always changing.

For a list of our favourite galleries make sure to look into;

Galerie Karin Sachs - Provides a fascinating insight into the human conditionButtermelcherstrasse 16, Munich, Tel: 089 2011250

Galerie Tanit - A fascinating representation on some of history’s darkest moments. Maximilianstrasse 45, Munich, Tel: 089 292233

Art en-route, the Maximiliansforum

Maximiliansforum - For the unique opportunity to enjoy fine art while riding the subway! Between Maximilianstraße and Altstadtring, this 800 square meter extension of underground terminal has been a forum for modern art since 1973 — and as an additional plus it’s never closed.

With many of these artistic venues sprawled throughout the city, for your best chance to see them all, hire the high performance and yet always stylish BMW. Our fleet of BMW rentals in Munich range from SUVs, executive sedans and elegant sports cars. Yet all of them give you the perfect set of wheels to paint this town red.

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