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Courtesy of Roberto Cerruti
Courtesy of Roberto Cerruti

4 Ways to Drive a Ferrari in Italy

Aug 03, 2015

The source of that little sparkle in your eye as you pull up in front of the restaurant, the inducer of envy in every bystander,  the cause of revving engines pulling up next to you at a street light, enticing you to race. Driving a Ferrari is so much more than a mode of transportation. It is about revving up your soul to the rhythm of the engine. It is about dreams come true. It is about showing the world you have made it.

With a reputation for excellence, Ferrari delivers racecar-inspired street-legal sports cars with a styling and design that scream Italian flair.

Stir the deepest emotions inside you as you get ready to drive a Ferrari in Italy.

Tour the Ferrari Factory Ferrari F1 Simulator

Visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and go on a journey through Ferrari’s history. Join an exclusive guided bus tour inside the Fiorano test track, where Ferrari performs its road and competition car testing. Ride along the Viale Enzo Ferrari, an avenue running through the production facilities that make up the Ferrari Cittadella.  The Museum is equipped with two semi-professional simulators where you can experience the true feeling of driving a Ferrari Formula 1 single-seater on the Monza track. Feel the track, realistically react to surface conditions and enjoy the extraordinary acceleration and braking power of these sophisticated cars.


Ferrari Driving Experience

Combine a sightseeing adventure with a dash of retail therapy and a sprinkle of exquisite Italian food. Throw in a Ferrari car rental and you’ve got yourself the best recipe for a fantastic holiday in Italy. Grand Tourist offers a wonderful driving experience in Tuscany and Northern Italy, including nightly accommodations at a luxury country house hotel in Tuscany with pool & spa, welcome dinner, visits to Maranello to the Ferrari Galleria, Fiorano and Il Cavallino, visits to Modena and to Enzo Ferrari's birthplace, visits to the Panini Museum, and of course, a Ferrari rental for you to drive around the majestic country roads, in the company of other Ferrari aficionados.


Ferrari Test Drives

Have a Ferrari from Europe Luxury Car Hire delivered at the Autodromo di Modena and enjoy an exhilarating driving experience on the rack. Sign up for a test drive at the Autodromo and receive advice from a professional driver who will talk you through the track’s characteristics and safety precautions required, then zoom around the track during a 15-minute session and afterwards, enjoy some delicious food from the bar.


Self Drive - A Luxury Ferrari Rental from Europe Luxury Car Hire

Italy is synonymous with style, fashion, great shopping and amazing cuisine, and what better accessory to accompany in your tour of Italy than a Ferrari. Drive around chic metropolises like Milan, history-packed cities like Rome and Florence, cruise around the countryside in Tuscany through vineyards and lavender fields, or wind through the scenic coastal roads of the Amalfi Coast aboard Ferrari rental from Europe Luxury Car Hire. The fabulous Ferrari California convertible is on special now, so book your rental today!


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