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The Best Seats in the House

Apr 29, 2015

The Monaco Grand Prix, the most glamorous and prestigious Formula 1 race held yearly in the streets of the Principality of Monaco is taking place this coming 24th of May with practice and qualifying sessions taking place the previous Thursday and Saturday.

This acclaimed motor race has been run since 1929 and is considered to be one of the world’s most important automobile races. The Monaco Grand Prix is an extremely demanding and dangerous track. As described by driver Nelson Piquet “Monaco is like riding a bicycle around your living room”. While the average speed of the race is only 158 Km/Hr, a low speed compared to other Formula 1 races, this is one race that every driver dreams of winning and every fan wishes to experience at least once in their lifetime. From the Casino Square to the world famous Hairpin, through the tunnel and past the world-class yachts moored on the marina, the Monte Carlo circuit is truly legendary.

Early days of the Monaco Grand Prix

If the roaring sound of racing cars speeding through, the sight of expensive yachts, fine cars and beautiful people and the glitziest atmosphere in the world awakens your senses, then there is no place you should be other than Monte Carlo during this unmatched event. And if you are already making it this far, you are going to want to watch the race from the best seats in the house. With this in mind, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of spots from where you can enjoy this fascinating event.

The official seats 

Tickets are now available for the 2015 Monaco Grand Prix and general admission tickets will set you back just €95, but you didn’t make it all the way to Monte Carlo to be shoved into general admission, did ya’?

For €580, Tribune M offers spectators one of the most desirable views of the race as drivers exit the Tabac and enter the Swimming Pool Complex. The Piscine swimming pool complex is at the centre of the Monaco Harbour and is surrounded by spectacular views across the bay.

Tribune V overlooks the Anthony Noghes corner, one of the most exciting places to be for the Monaco Grand Prix. The 80km/h right-hand turn leads up to the start/finish straight and it is located opposite the pit lane entrance, allowing spectators unparalleled views of the pre-race build-up, the drivers walking up from the F1 paddock and of course the start and finish lines. Tribune V tickets will set you back around €560.

The Tribunes

Much of the excitement happens around the start/finish straight. Tribune X2 offers a great view of the straight and the Anthony Noghes Corner. These desirable seats located opposite the pits, offer spectators a great view of the action as drivers make their way up from the F1 paddock before the race and most importantly, a view of drivers crossing the finish line. Tickets for X2 Tribune are available for around €417.

Casino Square, opposite the world famous Monte Carlo Casino, is a very popular area to watch the race from. The Square is overlooked by Tribue B and for about €598 you can watch drivers sweep past the front of the Casino and then make a right-hand corner at speeds of about 125 Km/Hr.

For the ultimate Monaco Grand Prix experience, it doesn’t get better than a VIP Terrace with Formula One Paddock Club. With prices ranging from around €1,800 to just over €3,475, you can enjoy excellent views of the main straight, grid, pit lane exit and podium ceremony with Silver or Gold packages. For a more private experience, the Platinum package gives you access to a balcony suite perched high above the main straight. All VIP packages include first class service, an open bar serving champagne and fine wine and catered gourmet food.

The not-so-official way

Being that Monaco is one of the wealthiest places on the planet and a playground of the rich and famous, you can imagine that money can buy you some interesting seats from where to watch the Monaco Grand Prix.

Fast food

Located directly on Tabac Corner, Virage restaurant offers you the opportunity to watch drivers zoom through the harbour section of the track. You can hear and see F1 cars as they exit the tunnel, go around the chicane and come straight towards your table before turning towards the Swimming Pool Complex, all while enjoying an exquisite three-course French fare. The Caravelles Roof offers a spectacular view of almost the entire harbour circuit and serves guests delicious Austrian style food and beer on tap. The Shangri La roof terrace lets you enjoy views of almost the entire circuit including the pit lane, superb catering and an open bar.

A view from the bay

Get a glimpse of drivers as they round the Portier and zoom into the Tunnel from the comfort of your own private yacht. If you can’t manage to get your private yacht to Monaco for that weekend, there is always the possibility to charter a yacht for the days of the event. However, if you wish to watch the race in the company of other racing aficionados, you can buy individual tickets to enjoy the race from a luxury yacht anchored in the coveted Zone 1 of the Monaco Harbour and enjoy direct views of the action as you lay back on a sunbed sipping Cristal and enjoy a haute cuisine lunch on the deck.

Watch the race from the water

The comfort of your living room

Several hotels and apartment buildings have incredible vantage points over the track. The Garnier Suite at the five star Hotel De Paris is considered one of the premier spots to watch the race from. Its enormous balcony overlooks the famous Casino Square and you can enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and an open bar as you watch the cars enter the Casino Square, go past the Casino, take the right-hand corner in front of the terrace and race away towards Mirabeau Corner. Experience the iconic Monaco Hairpin from the comfort of a private suite at the Fairmont Hotel and witness one of the most technical segments of the track.

View from a private suite at the Fairmont Hotel

The Monaco Grand Prix weekend is accompanied by glamorous events and elegant affairs. Make sure you arrive in style by hiring one of our luxury vehicles.

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