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By Scott Jawns

Stand up paddle boards are all the rage and offer a different way of exploring the ocean.

Rent a McLaren in Portofino and head for the beach. Your friendly guide will be ready to give you a driving lesson with a difference. Learn how to balance on a board, grab your paddle and you are ready to go.

Superior Ride to Niasca's Bay

Among our McLaren models available for rent, let us recommend you the McLaren 720S, a stunning supercar that drives incredibly fast. It combines the speed of a race-car with the luxury and comfort of a GT car. 

Another excellent option is to rent a McLaren P1, an hybrid hypercar which is light, agile and so terribly fast. Drive your McLaren P1 to Niasca's bay and enjoy all the admirative stares following you. This is part of the adventure!

Set off from Niasca’s bay and paddle to the magnificent Paraggi’s Gulf, where normal boat traffic is not allowed. As you float along you will pass the most amazing scenery of hidden coves and pristine beaches. Watch out for exotic bird life and maybe even a dolphin jumping out of the water. Pass the famous Portofino Lighthouse and see it from a different angle. The scenery becomes wild and unspoilt by human intervention. Stop at a deserted beach, explore the caves, have a swim, soak up the sun and the view.

When you arrive back, head for the Harbour and stop in at Da Puny. Order the famous lasagna in pesto corto, a classic pesto recipe with added tomato. Try the antipasto della casa, a mix of small tasters such as grilled pepper and anchovy or onion flan. Chef Puny himself will entertain you with fun anecdotes of local life.

A True Car Lover

If your love of cars extends further than a trip to the office, our McLaren 570S is the car you need. Packed with power and meticulous detail, it is an experience to savour. For unsurpassed power, drive the “LongTail” McLaren 675LT. This exclusive sports vehicle will delight with racetrack performance on the road.

McLaren Portofino rental offers high-end cars for those who won't settle for the everyday. Give us a call, we have packages to suit your specific needs.

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