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By Scott Jawns

Tivoli offers stunning gardens and ancient ruins and makes a perfect day outing from Rome.

Arrive at Rome Airport, either Rome Fiumicino Airport or Rome Ciampino Airport, totally relaxed, knowing that our efficient Meet and Greet Service will be waiting to welcome you with the keys to your exclusive luxury vehicle. McLaren rental at Rome Airport offers superb cars for those who demand the best.

Drive across the Italian countryside looking ultra stylish in a McLaren 540C. This stunning coupé with sleek lines features a mid-mounted 533-hp 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine. Alternatively, for that extra show-off factor, get behind the wheel of the fabulous 2-door supercar McLaren P1, the sophisticated comfort and aggressive power will thrill your senses.

Tivoli is a pleasant forty minute drive east from Rome and is a popular summer retreat for both locals and tourists. It boasts two Unesco World Heritage sites that must be seen. The first stop is the magnificent Villa Adriana, the massive estate of Emperor Hadrian, built around AD118. Explore the ancient ruins and marvel at the architecture from over 2000 years ago. Then visit the enchanting Villa d'Este, a Renaissance village known for beautiful fountains and landscaped gardens. See marvellous frescoes at the Villa d'Este set in a stunning garden of cypress trees and extravagant fountains. End your day over dinner at the Trattoria del Falcone. This family run trattoria has been operating since 1918 and is known for its classic pastas, pizzas and seafood.

For a city break, take a day visit to Tivoli. Rent a McLaren at Rome Airport and drive out into the Italian countryside.

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