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By Scott Jawns

Explore the magnificent Tuscan countryside around Florence in a high class McLaren rental.

Driving a super car of this class makes a perfect day outing.

Tempt your Senses

Hire a McLaren in Florence. We offer cars for those who tempt their senses with luxurious vehicles. Drive our McLaren 675LT. This driver-focused supercar was built lighter and with more power to pack in that extra oomph. The racy aerodynamic design will thrill as you cruise into the countryside.

For a coupé with pizazz, drive our McLaren P1. This limited production plug-in hybrid sports car fulfils your expectations of style, design and speed.

You may also be tempted by a McLaren 570S, one of the most sought-after supercars or by a McLaren 720S for its mesmerizing looks and innate abilities.

Explore Florence and Tuscany

Florence lies in the centre of the magnificent region of Tuscany, bursting with history, art, quality produce and beautiful landscapes.

Set off with your McLaren rental and see Siena which will delight with its medieval streets. Visit an iconic Chianti vineyard and enjoy a tour and a tasting session. Grapes and olives take centre stage in these iconic venues with age-old growing, harvesting and preparation techniques still in use. Enjoy an outdoor lunch of freshly-made bread, pasta and salads with locals and tourists.

Then drive further to San Gimignano, another enchanting ancient city filled with narrow cobblestone streets and quaint shops. See the 14 famous Towers and enjoy a classic Gelato as you stroll around. Pisa is the next stop with its Leaning Tower, Cathedral, massive Cemetery and beautiful Baptistery. Explore this laid-back city and visit the quieter and less touristy galleries where you will find stunning art, tapestries, sculptures and relics.

McLaren rental in Florence offers you the opportunity to drive a rare and elite vehicle.

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