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By Nicole Harris

Party people will find Tuscany to be an exciting and entertaining region with more than its fair share of all-night party venues. Eat, drink, celebrate and be merry with an Italian vibe.

Rent a McLaren in Tuscany and showcase your style as you set out for a night of fun.

If you have never driven a McLaren, now is the time. Our McLaren P1 is a limited production hybrid sports car, experienced by only a handful of elite drivers! Drive one in Tuscany. Alternatively, the sporty 2-seater McLaren 540C will cause heads to turn as you step out the iconic scissor doors.

When you are in Pisa, check out the Teatro Verdi. This impressive old venue dates back to 1865 and offers performances of opera, dance, music and plays. Stroll around the Campo dei Miracoli at night, the square and the leaning Tower are lit up, making a spectacular sight.

Then head off to the Astor Café in Florence where live DJs rock the venue with great music. Enjoy some laid-back jazz at the Jazz Club Firenze and finish off with a cocktail at La Dolce Vita. For those who have tons of energy, head for the Doris, it is the hot-spot for clubbing. After the dance floor, there is a chill-out zone with leather sofas and soft lighting. Take a breather and a stroll along the Signoria Piazza, you may be enchanted to hear an orchestra serenading romantic couples as a perfect end to your evening.

McLaren rental in Tuscany makes the ultimate statement as to who you are.

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