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By Ethan Hews

Turin is located in the enchanting Piedmont Region, known for cheese, wine and chocolate. Rent a McLaren in Turin and take a drive into the countryside.

Create a defining moment in a stunning car! Our McLaren 675LT offers a luxurious two-seater driving experience, designed for the racetrack, but harnessed for the road. Try out our McLaren MP4-12C for an irresistible drive. This supercar with curvaceous air vents and cat's eyes will turn heads as you cruise through Piedmont.

The Piedmont region offers some of the best food in Italy. There are over 160 types of cheese, famous wines like Barbaresco and Barolo have their origins here and it is the home of chocolate! Piedmont is dotted with magnificent castles known as the Savoy Residences. Drive around to explore and then stop in the pretty town of Rivoli which features one of the most famous, the Castle of Rivoli. It houses an interesting museum of contemporary art.

Visit the ancient Sacra di San Michele, dating back to the 10th century. It is built in the Val di Susa and offers stunning views of the valley. Take a wine tour and learn about the art of planting, harvesting and bottling these famous vintages. Then visit a chocolate factory and sample a few bars of this delectable treat. A dinner including truffles from the region is a must, try some at Eataly, which specialises in using locally grown and seasonal produce.

Set yourself apart from the crowd, McLaren hire in Turin offers exclusive cars for weekend rentals.

McLaren Rental in Turin, Italy

McLaren P1

McLaren P1 Turin Rental

Hire the sold out limited edition of McLaren P1 for the perfect driving experience

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McLaren 570S

New ArrivalMcLaren 570S Turin Rental

Put force to power in the supercar that is the envy of the racing car world by renting the McLaren 570S from Europe Luxury Car Hire

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McLaren 675LT

New ArrivalMcLaren 675LT Turin Rental

There are supercars, and there is the Mclaren 675LT rental, offering drivers the experience of raw adrenaline, unleashed and untamed

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McLaren 540C

New ArrivalMcLaren 540C Turin Rental

Enviably fast and dynamic, hire the McLaren 540C as it delivers supercar punch for your next big thrill

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McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C Turin Rental

Hire a McLaren MP4-12C and drive a super sports car with the performance of a supercar and the ride quality of an executive saloon

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McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S Turin Rental

The Mclaren 650S rental is all about excellence at every turn

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