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A visit at Lisbon’s museums is a must

By Scott Jawns

Lisbon has a rich history of art and culture. Visit iconic museums for a fascinating look at priceless works, beautiful carriages and a tour of maritime exploration.
A fabulous car is a must for a holiday, rent a Lamborghini in Lisbon and define your style.

Drive a Lamborghini Huracan

Join the elite set in Lisbon and drive a Lamborghini Huracán, available as a coupe or convertible. All power, all style, all elegance, all sports car, this is the ultimate experience of motion. For a different kind of experience, drive our Lamborghini Urus, a super sporty SUV that will will delight with high performance and eye-catching style.


The Best Museums of Portugal are awaiting you

Portugal dominated the seas with explorers setting off to discover new lands. The Maritime Museum will enthral historians with over 17000 items. View the iconic wooden figure representing the Archangel Raphael that accompanied Vasco da Gama on his voyage to India. For something unusual, the National Coach Museum in Belém offers one of the finest collections of historical carriages in the world. For a taste of Portuguese artists, visit the Chiado Museum and then stop for dinner at the marvellous Dragao de Alfama.
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