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Discover magnificent old churches in Lisbon

By Scott Jawns

Portuguese explorers were fearless, braving the wild seas to discover lands unknown. The Church was always there to give them courage and strength for the journey ahead and their safe return.
Hire a 4x4 in Lisbon and see these iconic venues through different eyes.

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Drive to the Estrela Basilica

Visit the magnificent Jerónimos Monastery in Belém. This is where Vasco da Gama and his men spent the night in prayer before departing on their expedition to the East 1497. This awe-inspiring building will delight historians with its Gothic style architecture and maritime museum. Visit the Lisbon Cathedral, the oldest place of worship in the city.
Then take a drive in your prestige vehicle to the Estrela Basilica, a totally breathtaking Neoclassical church. Keep the ambiance going with a fine-dining dinner experience at the Michelin-starred Belcanto in the Bairro Alto district.
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