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Trendy Shopping in Lisbon

By Nicole Harris

Portugal offers the world a fair share of designers and Lisbon is the place to find them. This sunny capital makes a delightful shopping experience. Grab your plastic cards and get your fill of fashion, handicrafts, home décor and sweet delights.

Drive an Audi R8 in Lisbon

Elite sports car rental in Lisbon is only way to travel from one iconic store to the next.

Feel the power of luxury under your hands. Drive our Aston Martin Rapide. This four-door high performance sports saloon will delight the senses. Wishes come true when you slide behind the wheel of our Audi R8 Spyder. Agile, stunning, possessing unrivalled power and performance, this is the supercar that dreams are made of.

Portuguese Lifestyle Products

Your first stop is Embaixada, a magnificent store set in an 1800 palatial residence. Look for authentic Portuguese lifestyle products. Buy some famous soaps at A Vida Portuguesa and a stunning cork purse at Cork & Co. Wool from the Serra da Estrela mountain range is world renowned, get yourself a small rug at Loja Da Burel. For something sweet, Port Wine-filled bonbons from Arcádia are a must. After you are all shopped out, stop for dinner at Gambrinus.

Hire a sports car in Lisbon and get noticed by the movers and shakers.

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