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Discover Brighton Beach and soak up in the sun

By Ethan Hews

Brighton is a popular holiday destination for the locals. Join them in a stunning rental Porsche, it is a short drive south to the coast.

Depart your plane and impress your fellow travellers when our Meet and Greet Service are waiting to welcome you. Hire a Porsche at Gatwick Airport (LGW), it is the only way to leave for Brighton.

New, nifty and trendy, our Porsche Cayenne GTS offers speed and class. Delight in the special exterior touches like lower side sills, power dome hood, extra wide fenders and four black exhaust tips. Push the boundaries of your driving experience. Our sporty Porsche 911 Turbo with sleek low lying lines, unbridled power, dynamic performance and cutting-edge safety features will enchant you.

Set up a striped deck chair on the beach and relax. This sea-side resort historically offered its seawater as having healing properties. Shop at The Lanes, where the small twisted streets reflect the layout of the original fishing village. Take a boat trip from the Brighton Marina and look at contemporary art at the Lighthouse. Grab some fresh cockles and mussels from a local stall and relax with supper on the beach.

Porsche rental at Gatwick Airport offers you the ultimate show-off factor for your luxury holiday.

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