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Drive to Wales in a Porsche and visit Swansea

By Nicole Harris

Experience Welsh hospitality in Swansea. You can shop for the latest trends, eat great food, enjoy the cultural scene, visit the waterfront and enjoy a relaxed day out.

Don't waste precious time on your holiday waiting in queues for public transport. Our Meet and Greet Service will arrange all your travel requirements. Rent a Porsche at Luton Airport for a quality drive.

When nothing less than excellence will suffice, our Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid offers the genius of Porsche design and sophistication. Slide behind the wheel and feel the reality of this exclusive vehicle. For a two-seater exclusive, our Porsche Boxster offers a thoroughbred roadster and mid-engine sports car. Experience it on the road to Swansea.

Start at the sweeping waterfront of Swansea Bay leading to Mumbles and onto the beautiful Gower Peninsula. Visit the Wales National Waterfront museum which celebrates the industrial and maritime history of Wales back to the 1800s. Explore the market and sample many of the delicacies of the area, including cockles and laverbread, made from seaweed. If that doesn't grab your fancy, try some famous Welsh-Italian ice cream at a local parlour, then relax in the magnificent Clyne Gardens.

Porsche rental at Luton Airport offers a drive to be remembered for ever.

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