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Art and culture lovers must visit Glasgow

By Ethan Hews

Glasgow, is home to some of the world's greatest art collections. Set in ancient stunning Victorian buildings, you will be transported to artistic heaven as you wander through magnificent halls and chambers.

Hire a sports car in Glasgow for an unforgettable self-drive tour of this fascinating city.

Unparalleled ambition, extreme performance and the most advanced technology await in our LaFerrari. Shiny red, low and sleek, this is the ultimate posh drive. For something different, get behind the wheel of our Maserati GranCabrio Sport. Born from a rich tradition of open top sports cars, the sophisticated comfort of the interior will envelop you as you feel the aggressive power and speed of the engine.

Start your Glasgow experience at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in the West End. Housed within this beautiful 19th century Victorian building is a world renowned collection of cultural artefacts all superbly curated. Stroll through the 22 themed galleries and savour the hours you spend. For a more modern twist, the Gallery of Modern Art offers a fabulous collection of recent paintings and sculptures.

Sports car rental in Glasgow is easy and convenient. We offer daily and weekly car rental or any other combination to suit your specific requirements.

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