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Vienna day trip, discover the Liechtenstein Castle

By Ethan Hews

If you loved the Three Musketeers movie, then you will recognise the famous Burg Liechtenstein which was featured in the film. The castle still retains an impressive appeal and makes a great day get-away from Vienna.

Sports car rental in Austria is a classy way to take the stress out of your transport arrangements.

Stand out from the crowd in a stunning Lamborghini Aventador. This mid-engined sports car is obscenely flamboyant and brutally powerful. Be brave and show off. For an equally exotic drive, our Ferrari F430 Spider offers distinctive sleek low lines, innovative aerodynamics and a drive that you will remember forever.

Liechtenstein Castle rises from the mists and towers above the Vienna Woods. This magnificent setting has inspired artists for centuries. Historians will delight in the lavish rooms and beautiful chapel. Admire the opulent furniture, beamed ceilings, weapons and art. Visit the museum and attend the Nestroy Theatre Festival, held annually at the Castle during summer. End your day back in Vienna with a scrumptious dinner at the fabulous little bistro, Glacis Beisl, offering Austrian fare with a twist.

Austria offers the traveller a wonderful vacation destination. Hire a sports car in Austria and add a touch of luxury to your journey.

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