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Jul 06, 2015

Have you planned your summer holiday yet? Why not consider planning another one? After all, life is short, the summer is long, the time is ripe and the warm summer weather is just begging to bring you outside. With some sensational summer deals on hiring luxury cars in tourist cities across Europe, it’s difficult to find a reason not to go. Put those Ferragamo driving shoes on and let’s hit the road!

A Ferrari 458 in Nice

Along the sunshine coast of the French Riviera, the people live by one commandment; Take that God given package that you were born in, and dress it up as best as you can. The glamorous and wealthy locals of Nice provide all the inspiration necessary, wearing the latest fashion and flaunting the most prestigious labels. Arrive in Nice driving the spectacular Ferrari 458 Spider, available from €1250 a day, it’s the perfect vehicle for a satisfying spell of retail therapy. From the small boutiques displaying leather crafted handbags and wallets, to the plush Provençal fabrics to be found in the Old City, the jewelry shops on the Avenue de Verdun or the chic fashions on Rue Paradis, Nice abounds with couture treasures. In this city of fashion, the Ferrari is the necessary accessory, ensuring you look good and feel even better.

A Jaguar F-Type in Tuscany

There is no place better to take a gastronomy and wine tour than through the wondrous and remote villages and towns of Tuscany. Known for its superb scenic drives over rolling emerald green hills, hire the luxurious Jaguar F Type cabrio from €650 a day, and really absorb the magic in the moment. Indulge in the masterfully combined flavours of Michelin star chefs. The restaurant in the exquisite country resort of Castel Monastero, gives you just that opportunity. Take a cooking class to learn the heritage secrets of Tuscan cuisine or go hunting for truffles in the hills of Castel Monastero. Spend your evening looking out over Tuscany’s sunset horizon with that perfect glass of red Montepulciano or a top-class Vernaccia wine.

A Ferrari California in Marbella

You gotta love Marbella, if not for the glitter, glitz and glamour, then for the absolute pardon for pursuing any purely hedonistic indulgence. Our selected special in Marbella is nothing less than the audaciously beautiful Ferrari California. From €895 a day, see yourself coasting along San Pedro Boulevard to take in the best of the location’s exquisite restaurants, clubs and shops. Rub shoulders with Marbella’s most wealthy and famous guests at Tibu Banus. Dance out on the terrace surrounded by sparkling midnight stars, only these stars are not a million light years away, but are more often found behind a silver screen.

A Porsche 911 in Frankfurt

In a buzzing capital of finance and business, immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan lifestyle of Frankfurt by driving the ultimate car with attitude: the Porsche 911. Available within our suite of luxury vehicles from just €395 a day, this special will see you driving through Frankfurt’s most prized scenic routes along the Rhine River and into Coblenz. Alternatively, stay in the city that has earned the nickname “Mainhatten” and cruise the Porsche 911 along its inner urban streets to take in the full vibrancy. Characterised by jagged, ultra modern skyscrapers, the haute couture shopping, the sophisticated culture and avant garde art galleries, even the crowds of impressively dressed, high heeled locals warrant a speculation.

An Audi A5 Cabrio in Barcelona

In this city that just loves to party, Barcelona’s guests are consistently guilty of having too much of a good time. Get down to the nightlife centers of Las Ramblas, the Gothic Quarter and El Borne in the ravishing contours of the Audi A5 cabrio, that you can rent from €350/day. Brace yourself to party hard in this city of the night. If you expect to keep pace with the locals, be prepared to see the sun come up again, and that’s on any regular week night... Las Ramblas is home to Barcelona’s medieval old town, drive through its quaint narrow and cobblestone streets to arrive at some of the most sophisticated clubs in town. From there, navigate your way through the labyrinthine alleys to arrive at the Gothic Quarter, where the more authentic local venues are located.

A Range Rover Sport in London

Love London, if not for the urban dynamism packed with high density culture and cuisine, or the leafy green escapes, an oasis of the mind in the center of the city, love London, if not for anything else, than for its diversity. The British, no matter their bent or take on the world, are a fiercely independent group. The fruits of their individualism is found in the wildly unique productions of art and culture, where the wheels of innovation are tirelessly turning. Rent the Range Rover Sport, a high calibre SUV from just £295/day to see classic musicals at their most theatrical in Soho, dig deep into this city’s history in the Tower of London or Westminster Abbey, be buzzed by the innovation at museums like Tate Modern and the Science Museum. London always has something new up its sleeve and never ceases to amaze.

These hot off the press luxury car rental specials are all in limited availability in their select locations. Act fast now, so you can chase the horizon later.

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