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Taste an exotic flare

By Ethan Hews

More than just offering the classical traditional dishes, Frankfurt’s restaurants are hyper-modern as they celebrate their cosmopolitan flare with international flavours. Rent a Porsche in Frankfurt for a sensational gastronomical tour of this adventurous city. Whilst the favourite national meals of ‘Handkäs’ can always be found with a traditional ‘Grüne Soße’, there is a new face that has a modern and exotic twist stating its ground in Frankfurt’s culinary scene.

For the sake of adventure, or having no better reason than just because you can, hire the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS, when all that matters is the adrenalin rush that is fuelled in the exhilaration of the moment. Swerve through the city until you arrive at Aquapazza, an Italian fish restaurant that boasts a wonderful alfresco dining option under the pergola. The fish is fresh and delicately served allowing you the occasion to savour the exquisite tastes.

Rent the Panamera 4S for its thrilling contradictions, that gives you a buzz in its every movement. No less the Cayman GT4 lets the rebels race on, offering pure tenacity in its ride. Reserve a dinner at Taj Mahal for the taste of something truly exotic, prepared by culinary masters hailing from India or Emma Metzler, a relaxed option with an international menu.

Hire a Porsche in Frankfurt and let your taste buds do all the work!

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