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Feed your body and soul

Jul 02, 2015

Italians are worshippers of food and a good time. A gathering around the kitchen table laughing and chatting with friends and family is always a good idea. Italians have a knack for turning farmers into artists and the region of Tuscany welcomes you to the very concept of La Dolce Vita.

This summer, we have available the fabulous Jaguar F Type Cabrio rental in Italy on special starting at €650/day. Book your car rental and travel through Siena, Montalcino, Maremma, Montepulciano, Pienza and San Gimignano savouring the flavours of traditional Tuscan cuisine.


First stop, Maremma. Rocky, wooded mountains, flatlands, green hills, blue sea and long beaches meld perfectly to create a fertile terroir, that brings guests fresh ingredients, all to be savoured while drinking a good glass of wine. In this timeless region with deep ancient roots is Civitella Marittima, a tiny village sits atop the hill with narrow winding streets and one of the best restaurants in the region, the Locanda nel Cassero. Indulge in local Maremma and Tuscan dishes, all beautifully presented, like the acquacotta soup, melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi and home-made pastas, the classic bistecca alla fiorentina, sliced wild boar marinated in juniper berries and Rivolto del Cassero, a crepe filled with pecorino cheese and unsmoked bacon.


This small and picturesque hilltop town is nestled amongst the most beautiful landscapes in the region. Drop the top of your Jaguar convertible and contemplate the cypress lined country roads, the olive groves and vineyards that cover the Orcia Valley. Visit la Fortezza, Piazza del Popolo and Chiesa di St’Agostino. Explore the Centro Storico with its Palazzo Comunale and the Renaissance Loggia. In Montalcino the cuisine is heavy on wild boar, sausages, game bird and porcini mushrooms. The local pastas are the donzelline, a deep-fried gnocchi and pici, a hand rolled flat spaghetti. Montalcino is most famous for its Brunello di Montalcino, a dark red wine produced using Sangiovese vine and aged over considerable time. Book a tour of a local winery to get a taste of the product of the Sangiovese grape from the vine to the bottle.


Rebuilt in magnificent Renaissance style, Pienza is considered the gem of the Val d’Orcia. Wander along the pretty alleyways of the small town and enjoy the stunning views of Tuscany’s picture-perfect scenery. Take a tour of a local dairy farm to witness the cheese-making process of the salty Pecorino, the cheese for which the area is famous. Podere Il Casale and Cugusi are the only two plants where the cheese is still made the old-fashioned way. Enjoy Young Pecorino with a light touch of Tuscan olive oil or a drizzle of the region’s chestnut honey served with sliced pears or raw fava beans and prosciutto. The matured Pecorino or Stagionato is wonderful to grate over pasta or risotto, or in thin slices with Prosciutto and other cured meats. Pecorino pairs wonderfully with the local Rosso di Montalcino wine.


A medieval town of rare beauty, standing high at the top of a hill in the south of Tuscany, Montepulciano is bursting with elegant Renaissance palaces, ancient churches and charming piazzas. Surrounded by the wonderful Val d'Orcia and Val di Chiana valleys, Montepulciano boasts some amazing wines, such as the vino Nobile di Montepulciano, considered by many wine connoisseurs as one of the best in Italy. Known for its agricultural fertility, Montepulciano has great options for dining. Try the Osteria Acquacheta, a traditional restaurant that bases its dishes in vegetables, fruits and meats from local farms. Noodles, pici, gnocchi, pasta sauces and desserts are all hand-made using the freshest local ingredients. Enjoy pici with wild boar sauce, tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushrooms or saltimbocca of veal with bacon.


The loveliest of Italian Medieval cities, Siena is valued for its historical center and its abundant prestigious buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. Visit the Piazza del Campo and its two main constructions, the Mangia Tower and the Palazzo Pubblico. Orto de ‘Pecci is a wonderful nature site, perfect for a relaxing lunch break. Surrounded by greenery and dotted by fruit trees, the grounds feature an orchard and a quaint little animal farm. Siena is famous for its traditional sweets and its traditional recipes have been passed from generation to generation. At the top of Siena’s sweet gems are the cavallucci, a biscuit made with flour, honey and sugar, in the shape of a half apricot; the ricciarelli, a tender, crisp and delicate marzipan-based pastry; and the panforte, a fruitcake containing fruits and nuts.

San Gimignano:

Discover the medieval heart of San Gimignano, dotted with towers and palaces dating back to the thirteenth century. Take in scenic views of the Tuscan landscape from the city centre. Walk through Via San Giovanni to Piazza della Cisterna, dominated by red brick palaces and the impressive Devil’s Tower. San Gimignano wines have been long praised and highly awarded. Vernaccia, San Gimignano Rosso and Rosato, Vin Santo and Chianti Colli Senesi. Visit the organic Vernaccia winery and taste some of the top rated Vernaccia wines. San Gimignano is also known for the harvesting of saffron. Tour Il Vecchio Maneggio, an organic saffron farm where you can learn about the farm’s growing activities, not only of saffron, but also wine, oil, honey and jam. Enjoy a delicious meal, go horseback riding or lounge by the swimming pool on a warm, sunny, Tuscan day.


Feed your soul and your belly in this amazing tour of Tuscany. Indulge in the beautiful sights and delicious flavours of the region as you travel through vineyard dotted roads and olive groves in the sensual Jaguar F Type Cabrio.

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