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A heritage still pulsating with life

By Scott Jawns

Siena is a fantastic city, very much alive in its history that is celebrated regularly and with all the pomp and fierce pride that comes from its people highly in tune with their heritage and origins. Hire a Cabriolet in Siena and under the warmth of the Tuscan sun, discover the vibrant history still pulsating its way through every street, alley and cobble stone path.

Rent the Jaguar F Type for an unrivaled driving experience by a supercar that loves to go to extremes. Utilise our highly exclusive VIP service and have the Ferrari F430 Spyder delivered to your luxury hotel stay in Siena. The F430, available in both the cabrio and the Berlinetta offers excellent driving performance, felt in its every movement. Behind the wheel of the Jaguar explore the city’s center when you visit the Piazza del Campo. An interesting shell shaped piazza, whose grand historic ambience is thoroughly enjoyed from one of the many little coffee houses along its perimeter.

Hire the BMW 1 Series cabriolet and with the freedom that comes with the soft roof down drive through the little streets that weave themselves in and out of the Piazza del Campo. Its unusual shape is used as the location of Siena’s largest annual event, the Il Palio horse race. Try to coincide your stay and you’ll see the great fashions and incredible passions come out with terrific flair.

Hire a cabriolet in Siena and celebrate a heritage that is still pulsating with life.

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