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Listen to the Glockenspiel on Residenz Square

By Ethan Hews

Salzburg’s Glockenspiel, situated to the west of the Neue Residenz, plays well known melodies to entertain the tourists and residents.

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The 35 bells of the Glockenspiel were made in Antwerp in 1696 and took another two years for clockmaker Jeremias Sauter to arrange them correctly. Hear the sound of the Glockenspiel ring out at regular intervals throughout the day. The Glockenspiel has played music since 1704 with many of the pieces written by Johann Haydn and Mozart. The clock contains three elements, a drum and barrel, clockwork and bells. The smallest bell weighs 16 kg and the largest 380 kg. The chime mechanism weighs several tons and is comprised of 3500 components taking up 5 floors.

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