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See amazing ice caves at Hallstatt

By Ethan Hews

Leave the city of the Sound Of Music and head for the ice caves. It makes a fabulous day trip.

Pick up your Luxury Van in Salzburg and head off east to the city of Hallstatt. It is a lovely trip of just over an hour and offers awe-inspiring ice caves that will delight the family.

Hallstatt is spectacularly picturesque city located on the rocky west bank of the Hallstättersee with the towering mountains behind it. Nicknamed the 'The Pearl of Austria', you will be left breathless by the beauty of the setting. Visit the Cultural Heritage Museum and the Bone House where graves older than 10 years are opened, bones are cleaned and stacked.

After this gory discovery, head for the salt mines. Take a tour of these 250 year old salt mines and caves and explore the underground beauty.

Then drive to the Dachstein Mountain sitting high above the town. Here you will find the astounding Dachstein Ice Caves and the 5 Fingers Lookout. Take a tour of the huge Ice Cave and learn that they remain below freezing no matter how warm it is outside. See the frozen waterfalls and the massive ice palaces. Explore the Castle of the Holy Grail, the Parsifal Dome and King Arthur’s Dome, all offering astounding delights.

Leave this magical world, take a ride in the cable car lift and then head for the 5 Fingers Lookout. A stunning glass bottom walkway hangs you out 100's of metres above the valley floor. This is for the brave.

Spend the night at a local family-run bed and breakfast on the Lake. The views when you wake in the morning will last a lifetime.

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