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Get a taste of Bohemian Prague

By Scott Jawns

The Bohemian culture is a Czech way of life. Extravagant, political and passionate, intrepid travellers must experience this aspect of Czech life in Prague. Bohemian artists, writers and dissidents shaped the mentality of a nation. Follow in their footsteps.

Rent a Maserati in Prague, we have one-day, two-day, week long options and anything else you require.

For a premium four-seater cabriolet, drive our Maserati Grancabrio MC. Slip on your Gucci sunglasses and feel the thrill of the power and the envious looks of other drivers. For another Maserati option, try the Maserati Quattroporte S. With the iconic black convex vertical bars in front, the supreme power and luxurious comfort, this vehicle will add a stunning ambiance to your trip.

See modern Bohemia in hidden corners of Prague like Vršovice and the beautiful Vinohrady area. Taste local beer at the microbrewery at a Pivoteka. Visit the trendy district of Źiźkov district and stop for Czech sweet and salty pastries at a local bakery. Modern Bohemian artist David Černý will enthral with his provocative art and then learn how Bohemian dissidents caused the liberation from communist rule and lead the nation to freedom.

For a stylish drive, Maserati rental in Prague is the discerning option.

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