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See Prague from the top of the Petrin Tower

By Scott Jawns

The Petrin Tower is Prague's mini Eiffel tower. It is built on the top of Petrin Hill and is 60m tall. Get a stunning bird's eye view of this grand city.

Supercar rental in Prague offers the added thrill you deserve on a luxury holiday.

When the need for speed is calling you, drive our Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. This majestic car combines the open Spyder body style with a purist rear wheel drive for perfect balance and driving pleasure. For a supercar with both space and luxurious comfort, drive our Porsche Panamera 4S. Apart from the raw speed, you will delight in the automatic climate control and heated front seats.

The tower was built in 1891 and took only four months to complete. Although it is smaller than the Eiffel tower, it stands on a high hill making it taller overall. The super fit can climb the 299 steps to reach the top, others can ride in the elevator. See stunning views of the city and the highest peak in the Czech Republic, Snezka, which is as far away as 150km! Relax at the top and order some Czech pancakes or Palačinky, filled with ice-cream and coated in whipped-cream, almonds or sugar.

Rent a supercar in Prague and have loads of fun showing off.

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