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Explore the stunning Prague Castle

By Scott Jawns

Visiting on business or pleasure, you cannot leave Prague without a trip to the iconic Prague Castle. It is one of the most opulent and largest ancient castles in the world.

Arrive at the Prague Castle in royal style, luxury car rental in Prague is the way to do it.

Enjoy an exclusive drive in Prague

When you step into a sedan and your world feels exclusively perfect, magnificently luxurious and the hum of the engine enthrals your senses, you are sitting in a BMW M5. Drive one in Prague. Live your fantasy in a red Ferrari 458 Italia Spider. With a mid-rear engine and a retractable folding hard top, this high-end vehicle delivers unrivalled in-cabin comfort and unparalleled Spider performance.

Top Range of Supercars and SUVs for Hire

Enjoy a fast drive with one of our supercars, such as a Lamborghini Huracan Coupe or Spyder. And if you were planning a family trip, pamper yourself and your passengers while renting a luxury SUV in Prague. Driving a Mercedes G63 AMG, a Range Rover Sort or a Porsche Cayenne will prove an unforgettable experience.

This awe-inspiring castle is set alongside the river. Watch the ceremonial changing of the guard with its fanfare and flag ceremony. Walk through the magnificent halls and state rooms, used by the Office of the President. Admire the stunning architecture which ranges over the ages from Roman to Gothic. This massive 70000 m2 Unesco site cannot fail to impress. Hidden deep within the secret rooms are the priceless Bohemian Crown Jewels.

For business or pleasure, rent a luxury car in Prague. We have packages to suit every personal requirement.

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