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By Nicole Harris

Every venture is a game. Be it the venture of sport, money, a love or life itself, there is risk, there is temptation, there is failure and yet there is always the permeating hope for success. The key to winning the venture, though, is loving the game, for the exhilarating rush that it brings in its wake. That’s why we bring you the Mercedes hire from Grenoble Airport, as there is no better place to start the game.

The Mercedes Benz E Class hire has sport scripted into its genes, easily discernable from its dynamic design lines and athletic glide on the road. As a passenger vehicle it has enough room for your friends and all their sports gear. Race this E-Class to Les Deux-Alpes for the most sensational ski or cycling holiday, come winter or summer. It’s a wagon that seeks out an escapade, like a sixth sense. It breathes in adventure and breathes out speed.

Reach the ends of the earth in a Mercedes G Class, this rough and ready SUV, has all the mean power to deliver a raw experience that will take you to the world’s edge. More recently available in the GL Class rental, take this high performance 4WD to les Deux Alpes, for an adventure that will stay with you for a life time.

However the game of seduction lies with the Mercedes SL Class hire from Grenoble Airport. Utterly sensual to the eye, the bodywork is slim and of well-defined lines. This roadster possesses a tenacious spirit, the product of strong engineering, packaged into a cabriolet. A weapon of seduction, this sports car is a tool to pursue a passion that will keep your heart burning long into the night.

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