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By Scott Jawns

Let me introduce you to the Vantage family, belonging to the Aston Martin hereditary line they are as perfect, as they are rare. A rental coupe or cabrio during your stay in the city of Grenoble will match the city’s charm, and yet at the same time push the limits of fashion and style. The Vantage family can’t help but to throw their drivers into the limelight. Rent an Aston Martin from Grenoble Airport and live the life of the rich and famous.

The original artifact is in the V8 Vantage. The strong paternal figurehead of this prestigious family, who established the Vantage range as a high performance sports car of unique status. The V8 Vantage S inherited this same race-bred dynamism, perhaps even more sporty and agile, it offers an intense driving experience.

The V12 Vantage S, is an extreme vehicle that has been sculptured for speed. Manufactured in a light sportscar package, but given an even more powerful engine and a further refined transmission, it may well be the most dynamic car, AM has yet produced. The V12 Vantage S Roadster offers pure driving performance. With speed and agility in her genes, this V12 has added the last ingredient that could possibly enhance the driving experience further, as an open top convertible.

The Special Edition Vantage N430, offers a life less ordinary. Inspired by the phenomenal racing legacy of Aston Martin, this sports car builds on the beauty, dynamics and athleticism of the iconic AM sports car. Possessing all the unique and compelling features and design lines that demarcate the Aston Martin from other cars on the road. One does not go around inconspicuously with an Aston Martin hire in Grenoble.

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