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Share the best wines with loved ones

By Brittany Nue

“How fortunate is he who shares a bottle of wine with great friends”. Gather friends and family and tour the stunning wine region of bordeaux aboard a Mercedes Benz hire with our exclusive ‘meet and greet’ service or with a chauffeur.

Head down the Route des Châteaux on the Mercedes Benz ML-Class mid size SUV and admire the enchanting villages and vineyards that produce some of Bordeaux’s finest wines. Cross the wrought-iron railing of the Château Palmer in the comfort of the Mercedes Benz GL and discover the winemaking process of the winery’s two labels, made with an unusual combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Petit Verdot grapes.

Make your stay perfect by making your accommodations at a chateau. Château Cayac is the perfect retreat for an active family of up to 19. The stunning Villa de Bassin is built right on the Atlantic Coast, providing stunning views of the ocean and the lush landscaping surrounding the property. A pretty 18th century castle, Chateau Levet is nestled between the rolling vineyards and the picturesque village of Arbis.

Day and night, make your stay in France’s premier wine region as stylish as can be. Hire a Mercedes Benz in Bordeaux to top it all off.

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