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By Ethan Hews

Hire an executive rental from Grenoble Airport for your next stay in this prestigious and regal city. Grenoble is a majestic city, hidden in the flat plateau of the surrounding Les Deux Alpes region. Yet despite its physical seclusion, this is a city buzzing with atmosphere, history to be found on almost every street corner, a center of technological advancement and lively cultural flair.

Rent the prestige Lexus RCF, an executive car that symbolises an unprecedented feat of performance engineering that was conceived from the asphalt up. Its driving performance satisfies even the most demanding expectations of car enthusiasts everywhere. In this prestigious vehicle visit the Palace of the Parliament of Dauphiné for all its 14th century historical grandeur.

The prestigious Rolls Royce Phantom hire relives the mood of aristocracy as it cruises through the old city of Grenoble, available from the nearby Airport (GNB). Discover the genuine authority and the rare sense of prestige, that demarcates the Phantom from other modern luxury cars.

Rent the executive Audi Q7, it is the prestigious SUV that will take you to the Isere mountain ranges. Come winter, in the sky season or summer for the pristine clear views, the Audi Q7 has all the requisite power to get you to the pinnacle with grace and style.

A prestige rental from Grenoble Airport has an elitist and executive spirit that commands the unyielding road ahead.

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