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At the apex the Mercedes SUV triumphs

By Ethan Hews

Courchevel whilst known for its skiing and luxury lifestyle, in fact offers a world more varied and exciting. Rent a Mercedes in Courchevel to go skiing one day and hang gliding the next, fancy a Michelin chef lead cooking class or a helicopter ride over the inaccessible parts of the mountain? In Courchevel the adventurer awaits, the time is now.

Rent the Mercedes Benz GLE coupé the combination of two classes of vehicle. Whilst the sporty nature of a coupe definitely dominates its appearance, the engineering robust capability is overwhelmingly that of a robust 4x4 SUV. From Courchevel, let yourself be transported by the wind, carried through the crisp clean air to an unknown destination in a hot air balloon.

Hire the M class for the world’s premier SUV. Comfortable to the standards of a luxury saloon it is engineered with highly capable off road capabilities. However, beyond all this, the outstanding energy efficiency, makes it an SUV class of its own.

The GLA class pushes the boundaries of the automotive world, as it re-interprets the segment of compact SUVs. Take to the mountain’s slopes and steep gradients of either the M or GLA Class for a sensational snow trek amidst the far flung, untouched outpost of this white cradle of the world.

Get from Chambéry Airport to Courchevel in a Mercedes-Benz rental with power and flair.

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