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Chase the highway and pursue the wind

By Scott Jawns

Today the city of Marseille is a buzzing metropolis, a far cry from the Cézanne paintings and Provençal clichés of sleepy villages, "pétanque" players and Marcel Pagnol novels. Don’t tie yourself down to the clichés of Marseille (the Canebière and Marseille soap), but hire a BMW from Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) to discover the new modern face of this colourful and thriving city.

Rent the BMW 7 Series to drive a twinpower engine, 8 speed steptronic transmission and integral active steering. This muscular detailing of the car’s exterior gives the impression that it was born to succeed and succeed it does! From Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) rent a BMW to set out across the city to reach L’Estaque, a small fishing village with dramatic views over the bay of Marseille. Its humble origins as a small fishing town defy its important location for the emergence of the impressionist art movement.

For those who like to take their long haul travel with the ease of a free conscience hire the BMW 7 series activehybrid, for the low carbon emissions and excellent fuel efficiency. Travel north into the wild forested areas of Aix-en-Provence, a dream destination for those who love to explore. Chase the highway and pursue the wind in your BMW hire.

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