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Travel through ancient times

By Scott Jawns

Founded by the Romans, with many preserved historical sights, Lyon is the archetype of the heritage city as recognized by the UNESCO. Travel through ancient times on a BMW car rental from Lyon Airport.

Get onboard your BMW 6-Series Coupe and create real road presence as you drive up the Fourvière Hill. Admire stunning views of Lyon’s urban evolution from the top of the hill, and appreciate the city’s 2000 year history with a visit to the Roman amphitheatre and the Fourvière basilica. Visit the statue of the Virgin Mary or enjoy a stroll around the Rosaire and Hauteurs Gardens.

Lyon has developed quite a reputation as the capital of gastronomy in France and in the world. Make a grand entrance at one of the many Michelin star restaurants in Lyon by arriving onboard one of our many BMW luxury models, like the BMW M5, the ultimate mid-size 4X4 SUV BMW X3 M Sport, or the BMW 1 Series cabrio. For a more homey and traditional meal, visit one of Lyon’s bouchons and enjoy sausages, organ meats and veal sweetbreads served on big enameled pots placed on top of red-and-white-checked tablecloth and accompanied by lots of Beaujolais and a friendly atmosphere.

From architectural and historical landmarks, to fine food and traditional fare, make a BMW rental from Lyon Airport your car of choice.

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