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By Scott Jawns

Hire a McLaren F1 in Berlin, Germany. McLaren is the true predecessor of uniting the speed of a racing car with the style of a sport car. Having released their first F1 prototype in 1992, a magnificent machine, with a V12 engine, it redefined the supercar genre and set the record for the fastest production car.

The McLaren F1 launches from 0-100 km/h in a record breaking 3 seconds and flies to a top speed of 386 km/h. With the doors open this futuristic car indeed looks like it is capable of taking flight. Spread your wings over the city of Berlin in any number of these F1 models.

The GT ensures that your sense of style and luxury will be admired all over the city. The GTR with variants 64 F1, 5 LM, 3 GT, 9 GTR95, 9 GTR96 and 10 GTR97, likewise, will also maintain a constant stream of gazes as you stroll through Berlin’s most expensive shopping districts. Stop by Ku-Damm to indulge the senses, taste a rich hot chocolate, feel the array of fabrics and see the height of haute couture - and make it your own.

The Mercedes SLR McLaren is equally astounding in its cutting edge design. A combined project between McLaren and Mercedes Benz, the result is an all-out supercar possessing F1 technology with Mercedes’ trademark high level comfort and top end features. This cabriolet has a sexy, smooth style, whilst still able to achieve a maximum speed of 333 km/h. Ouch.

McLaren builds groundbreaking high performance sports cars like nobody else and our luxury car rental service gives you access to McLaren Berlin’s greatest performance cars that you need to be seen driving.

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